Tuesday, December 28, 2010

♥ Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year ♥

First comes Christmas, my favourite festive event of the year, and before we get to soak into the romantic and joyful atmosphere, here comes New Year right after Christmas Day, before red red Chinese New Year ambiance greet the city. It is rather over-whelming that 2010 is literally coming to an end. 3 days time hallelujah allejandro! The graph of 2010 was exhilaratingly steep, high and low, which reminds me the Yin & Yang rule that governs the world we live in. Lots that I have learnt in this year, academically and also in personal growth. Afterall I am hitting the two three next year, time to grow up and think wisely for whatever choice I make.

Busy week or in fact, month ahead.
Lots of errands to run and no more procrastination woman!

'There is no shortage of time, only a confusion of priorities', 
I must always keep that in mind!

Now let me share with you a few snap shots of Christmas decoration I managed to capture in the city:

Christmas decoration?? or CNY??

Have I mentioned how I'm loving MOS burger??
The reasonably priced healthy bites which is sufficient for a meal. yumm :)

And one of my favourite high tea spots would be tcc - the coffee connoisseur.

Year 2010 has been a great one. 
May 2011 which is in 3 days time be as splendid or even better ♥

Best wishes everyone, before that, let me leave you with this:


quoted from one of the books (as though I'm reading many books blah. I'm still looking for The Answers by John Assaraf and Murray Smith that I read halfway and couldn't renew due to me being one day late okay enough of this crap but still imma look for the book in Kinokunya this weekend if possible!) that I'm currently reading during MRT rides, THE RULES OF LIFE by Richard Templar.

So lesson of the quote:

Despite the fact that I'm really enjoying every moment now.
Feeling blessed for everything. Thank you! :)


  1. JAN 2011 or May 2011? :p
    miss you girls heaps <3

  2. lol...i mean may as the noun/verb??? not the month laaaaa.. me miss you too lah darl. not coming back anytime soon??? :P