Saturday, December 4, 2010

Of Scrumptious Food and Great Companions.

Everyone has a dream, has plans for the future, has goals to reach. But every now and then, we will meet disappointments, fail and fall. There is no wrong in failing, you only fail when you never even give it a try.

Failing is part of life, and it's when we stand up when we fall that makes us grow and improve everyday. And I'm a very girl to have people around me that guide me along my life, and of course with a little faith in myself, and not blaming myself if I don't achieve something, as long as I've tried my best.

It is sad how this society has turned into, humans being materialistic while forgetting our role for being on the earth. No doubt I am being sucked into the ego materialistic world. Craving for items that I don't need. I am glad to have someone to keep me reminded, but without stopping me from getting what I want, as long as I am conscious of my status and reputation. I am glad to have bought my first Burberry bag with my own hard earned money and not my parents', makes me feel independent. However there are so much that I owe to my parents, all the money I earn should go to them, but they prefer me to keep it for myself. It is perplexing when I know everything they do is for the best of us, every parents just want their kids to lead a happy life. I am so blessed to be born in such a lovely family.

Just taking things as they come, and making the best of everything.

We have a short life to live, step by step :)

Met up with dear JSPO family Zingyi and Rachel at Vivocity and we had a great catch up. Year goes by and it has been 5 years since we graduated from secondary school, but it's as though nothing has changed, just the age and the length of the hair? :P

@ Food republic, the best choice of location when you don't have any preference in food.

honglaysee!! :D

I feel that she has changed a lot, in a good way of course.

Wanting to try everything and challenge for anything new.

Trying the tea rice.

Yes that green thing is the tea for the rice, tastes weird to be consumed solely but should blend well with the rice. Not for me though, dislike the mint taste :/

She wanted to climb up to the building somewhere after we crossed the Handerson Wave although it was already quite late at night and it might be creepy on top of the hill, I am really shocked and impressed with her change of attitude. ;)

Met up with Pretty Pey Sin today for some inquiries.

Sorry for being late!

No money for your OT pay I am afraid :P

We chose to hang out at tcc Shaw House.

AHH FAT!!!!@@

We chatted a lot of girl stuff and other more serious stuff.

Really had a great time to have girl talks, about our Burberry craves and can't believe she's aiming for a CHANEL too! *screams* :D

I will get a CHANEL maxi (yea the biggest one to compliment my huge body) when the time is right, maybe not a black but a beige one (not the peach colour). Saw it in HongKong omg I was literally drooling when I see myself having it sling on my shoulder, plus it being the limited edition and cheaper by a few hundreds SGD! T O T

I will reach that stage we shall see!!!

@ Handburger.
With the one who shall not be named.

I am talking about Voldemort? From Harry Potter?

peek - a - boo!

Creamy Mushroom soup.

Would prefer it more creamy, but the chunky mushrooms are utter yumss.

The Chef's Special:

Grilled 150g of 100% NZ beef patty, topped with cheddar cheese, wrapped with premium smoked butcher ham, slathered with cranberry sauce, roasted chestnuts and roasted pear wedges on a bed of coral lettuce, tomato on a toasted caramelised onion bun.

Almost 100% perfect combination for him, but the cranberry sauce is a little too sweet for my liking. Overall not too bad still :)

The Handburger Original:

Grilled 150g of 100% NZ ribeye beef patty, sweet onion jam (love this!!) cheddar cheese, hand made barbeque sauce on a bed of coral lettuce, tomato on a toasted caramelised onion bun.

Really love the sweet onion jam!

But a little home-made tomato sauce made a great compliment.

The sister will be back anytime soon.

Time for a major clean up.

And I will be an LV bag owner soon.

Bought with my own money too I should be proud :)


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