Thursday, January 1, 2009

Beijing day 1 :)

Forbidden City, TianAnMen Square, Rehe Imperial Summer Palace, Beijing Olympic Stadiums!

Since I joined the tour through KL, there isn't any flight provided to fly from Penang to KL before heading to Beijing, therefore I had to go over to Marcus' a day earlier to catch the 8am flight on the 19th of Dec.

I was really touched by Marcus, Daryl and Aunty Sally's hospitality really made me feel like home over in KL! :)

We departed 6am in the morning hoping to get window seats for the 6-hour-flight to Beijing, twirled on the air for almost 1 hour which caused most of the passengers around me vomit, before landing safely on Beijing International Airport.

It really felt great to be on land that very second!

Jia had arrived a few hours earlier, luckily she landed on the new airport therefore she had some ample time to shop there which according to Monica, our Malaysian tour guide, is very new and big! Even better than KLIA! I would wanna land there one day!

It's really great to meet Jia again after so many months!

As usual, she's on with all her kawaii clothes and luggage from Japan.

Non-stop taking pix upon arrival:


The night itself we went for a Shao-Lin kungfu stage show.
Which was incredible as expected.

The part when the mother ghost came out was kinda scary though! @@"

The Oreo snack that keep our greedy mouth busy throughout the show. :)

At the hotel lobby with the big green Jade ornament.

Sorting out our luggages.
Finally I've got the chance to wear those boots! :)

We dressed up with Jia's All-from-Japan clothes and walked down the streets of Beijing, without being ostentatious, which proves Beijing has a great sense of fashion! Even Marcus claims that winter fashion in Beijing is HOT! :D

Choices for Breakfast at the hotel was really crazily a lot, as usual for China.
Chinese always ensures their visitors get their stomach filled!

First stop:

We only walked through the central axis of the purple city.
Purple, whereby the Chinese believe very much in the positive and negative energy, Yin & Yang.

Yin= Black
Yang = Red.

When the 2 colours meet, there goes Purple.

That's why it's called Purple Forbidden City!
Interesting ain't it ;)

Tian An Men Square:

Within walking distance to the Performing Art's Center,
The Egg.

Haven't heard of it until that day after coming back from Beijing we came across with it on Discovery Channel.

Now I know Beijing doesn't only has Bird's Nest but it also laid an egg!@@"

@ Mongolian buffet dinner with a great variety of food!
Too many until we don't know where to start!O_O"

The famous succulent oily Peking Duck!
Next stop:
The Qing Dynasty Rehe Summer Palace:

The sun is already setting and temperature dropping real fast!!@@
Even I've buttoned up my coat!

"SCARFACTION" to keep us warm :)

Group picture!

Taken by our local tour guide Peter Wu.
Very friendly nice guy! :)

Later that day off to visit the all-hail-2008-Beijing-Olympic WATER CUBE and BIRD's NEST!
The moment!

And indeed they caught me off guard, with both of them glowing with glory in the dark night of Beijing city, which made all of us Chinese real proud! (Especially after listening to what our local tour guide Peter Wu telling the story of him being the volunteer for the Olympic games and how he felt when he heard the crowd cheer for the Chinese team during the opening ceremony :')

Standing right in front of the:
Water Cube.

~Magnificent Green Architecture~ I must say!

Bird's Nest baby!

P/s: just sent Xinyun off earlier today. Wishing you all the best over in Sydney baby! Am sure you'll have a great exciting life over there. Am really happy for you. Finally you are not trapped in Penang! :P

loads of love, xoxo!

HAPPY YEAR 2009!!!!!


  1. Cool!!

    Nice travelling with your sis...I guess...

    How many days did y'all spend over there?

  2. heheheh! It was indeed very fun!! :D

    we spent 7 days there, with tour though. But luckily we are all satisfied with the service and food! :)