Saturday, January 3, 2009

Outing with Xinyun.

Before she flew off to Sydney. Only both of us coz Joe and Herng had other gatherings to attend that day. It was really a last minute decision because of Xinyun's urge to buy a yellow blouse she saw in Forever 21 @@"

Chatted with her this morning and she's doing real fine in Sydney! Just bought a 77AUD Esprit jeans huh? $_$.. After big portion meals she was eating bars of chocolate while msn with me, despite the thought of being F.A.T.

Xinyun!! CONTROL!!!! I don't wanna get a shock the next time I see you!! >_<"

@ Queensbay Forever 21.
Every girls favourite shop I must say!
Oh no, we are now 21 at the year 2009.
I don't wanna feel too old to get into this shop when I turn 22!! :(
Crazy shots taken by Xinyun.
Hah! Having a partner who loves taking pix is really fun :)

Hope we'll meet this coming June/July!
Stay pretty as always and again, don't stuff yourself with too much choc although I know you love sweet sweet indulgence especially white choc @@"
 All the best in Sydney babe!

Love ya~!

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