Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy ox-pecious 牛 year~!


Nothing has changed much I hope! O_O"

Oh yea maybe another wrinkle on my face has become more obvious huh! And yea longer hair ;)

Today was really a packed schedule. First was woken up by the 9.30am alarm, choosing the perfect CNY outfit from the few clothes that Jia brought from Japan last July (Since Jia shifted to Tokyo not much shopping have been made due to the high cost of living plus the need to pay the high rental while studying in the Uni. nevermind Jia I'll go visit you again and let's go shopping TOGETHER wooohooooooo!!!)

5S3 2005 class gathering was really a success with 21 of us appear!! :D
Half the class appear compared to the only "10 attending" in the Facebook

AhBong this is for you :P

Really happy to catch up with old buddies and man, it has been 3 years!!!!
Why is time flying like nobody's business!?! *__*"

Appreciate everything we have is one of the ways to cope with the flying time, especially family and friends the loved ones around us, we should be happy when they are around us before the time comes when we are all over the place around the world. haha!

After the really full lunch in Seoul Garden Autocity, Qing and I rushed over to school for JSPO annual gathering. This time wasn't the formal dinner as always but a rather relaxing and joyful tea time in our beloved JitSin High School. I hope coming years will be the same, at a more casual environment where we can interact without the need to worry about "being noticed". :P

All of us that attended.

Am currently blogging with my new lappie actually. WOOOOHOOOOO!!!

Thanks dee very very much for this Dell studio XPS. a 16 inch chic and sleek design and me really love it muchie, (although it's not the "pink" xps that I initially intended to have)
A good 320 GB memory space for me to store everything I need and 16 inch for me to see clearly of every nook and corner. No more excuse for not submitting a perfect story board and portfolio and AutoCADWorking drawings =_____="...

Oh yea time to buck up my 3D modelling skills too!
Time to install 3D MAX, or rather Sketch Up in other words. @@" *gasp*

Urgh dont wanna worry about that yet am still enjoying this ox-pecious 牛 year!
Well, it's my sis Jia's year afterall. Should help her enjoy as well right? :)

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