Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sieu Theng's 21st

Melb uni Pre-departure briefing was held in KLCC last weekend and coincidently SieuTheng's birthday party bash was the night before. With the perfect timing I then decided to go down KL for the weekend :)

Took the bus from Penang to reach KL by noon. Had nothing to do for the whole afternoon until the "Orientation Day" at night. Therefore off to Starbucks KLCC for a little chill, partly because my leg muscles were aching so badly can die I'd rather spend my day going online than shopping, window shopping +_+"
Chocolate and my hp mini.
I ain't no fan of coffee (*__*)

Thanks to the free wireless I managed to load the PDF file of Eclipse I sent to myself in gmail.
At least a more productive afternoon rather than just going online~! :D

Darby Park was the venue for SieuTheng's 21st birthday bash, but instead we had to change venue due to unforeseen circumstances. What on earth the management wouldn't allow parties!?!?!? =-="

Lucky thing SieuTheng's sweet friend was generous enough to help her celebrate the party in her house. :)

Picture session even before the party started:

Obviously I took more pictures than the birthday girl no wonder the hot-sexy-teacher-birthday-girl confisticated my camera =-="..sorry teacher :P

It was kinda awkward at first going to go to Sieu Theng's friend's without really knowing her but luckily with the hep of a little alcohol everyone got along well. Err...At least for Jinno =-="

Strings of picture with buddies that I darn sure am gonna misssssssss


Hot as usual Nelly Pot!!!!!!!!
Love the hairrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Nerdy-Hayden and his Doraemon school badge!
Spondored by his cousin brother!!

The teacher and the twins.

MaoYang and Hayden the DJ ;)
 I look weirdly the same in both the photos.
The twins with the minna shot.
Very nice hair colour on them!!!! :)
Very Japanese-ish!!

 Sweet Carey and I.
Gonna miss her many manyyyyyyyy :(
very nice shot eih!?!

 Love the balloon!


Tattoo frenzy!

Weirdly not many photos of the birthday girl. I guess the alcohol really did a great hit on her.
She was puking all night long but I hope she had a great night!

Me and the HoT Sexy Teacher
Chen Sieu Theng!

Happy birthday and All the best to you CHEN SIEU THENG!!!

May all your wishes come true, (especially the big boobies part*)

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