Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New ownings!

The day I arrived Sydney I got greeted by an unexpected gift!
It was the next Tuesday morning when Joe and I were still sleeping soundly and the postman rang my unit asking for "Ms. Lim Li Yin" saying that there's a parcel for me. To be honest I wasn't surprised but rather groggy not knowing what on earth is waiting for me at the door with my sleepy head.

Jeng Jeng Jeng and guess what was the unexpected parcel?

A gift from SongKeat all the way from Singapore! Hah! Thanks so much my friend but please don't surprise me with anything like that anymore :P
I wouldn't wanna be locked outside no more!

Why? Coz guess what miss-blurry-forgetful did? I actually forgotten to take the house key down after leaving the house for Sydney for a week! O_______________O"

I rang multiple times back to my unit hoping that Joe will eventually get up from her 'After-NZ-trip-hybernation-sleep' and answer the call but after 10 minutes, TEN MINUTES trying to call non-stop I finally gave up and called my neighbours instead.... YES! What on earth right! I actually gathered my courage to call neighbours whom I've never spoken to before! >____<" Lucky thing a sweet girl answered during my 2nd attempt and I explained my situation and she gleefully let me up and finally I manage to get back to my beloved unit after 15 minutes stuck outside in the cold. I was on the verge of going out to the public phone and call Joe's handphone before realizing that I don't have a single penny with me how pathetic =_____=" There goes my 'eventful' morning when I received the 'unexpected' parcel lol :)

Wrapped with my fav colours black and pink!

Thanks so much my dear friend!
But it's too tiny for my big fat body!

S size are you kidding me luckily I still manage to squeeze myself in, merely. >_<"

And then a tiny bit of spending to myself, a pair of candy coloured adidas!
loves! :)

couldn't resist the temptation of baby colours!

Currently home alone! Xindi was here last night to accompany me right after Joe left, and we did a little groceries shopping before that night at Woolworths :) Bought a bucket of 'ski yoghurt' and "Bulla ice-cream" (omg) I am wondering when will the day I start my diet comes, always temptations everywhere help!!!!!!!!!

And I honestly need a job I am not joking. Days waking up and going online and eating and sleeping aren't helping my diet plan at all! Whenever there's a free time all I think of is food food and more FOOD!


Still in Uni currently finally manage to upload a bunch-full of Sydney photos up in Facebook! 2 more days of the trip yet to be uploaded with Bondi beach and some crazy shots in the airport. Who knows with a short 5-day-trip we are able to meet new crazy buddies which might friendship may last long :)

And it's pitch dark already although the time here says 5.37pm.
I think I better make a move and drag my lazy ass back home.

Still, should I apply for another job?

Planning to take Japanese Language as elective next semester!
Yes you might be wondering what on earth come all the way to Australia and take Japanese Language are you kidding me?! There are still other architecture-related-options which do not interest me and why on earth isn't there any fashion-y/ music-y subjects that are provided as breadth subj?!?!?!!? T_______T

I miss my piano!

Well I was thinking rather than adding to my burden with other architecture subjects, why not take something that interest me more and who knows, I might be able to use it to further my studies in Japan, just maybe? :)

Nevermind one more semester (omg how time flies seriously) to go and wollahhhh~

still oblivious of what the future takes for me.

Get a job here and extend my contract after degree?
What if nobody wants me and I am stuck no where.

Go back to my beloved home sweet home penang and work in an architecture firm (if there's any) in Penang Island?


Time flies and before you know it you are already a grown-up.
How I wish time would just tick by slowly and I stay young and innocent, just for a little longer.


  1. aiks... 大头虾!我看好你了嘛!
    infact today i was "lock" in office because I misplace my locker key and I don't have access to my uniform! That was about an hour later then to manage to get the spare from the one incharged haha...

    Against all Odds!
    "Mind over matter"
    You will be in the field where you want to be.

  2. haahaa you also big prawn head.

    and 好深奥!
    hopefully and if there's a will there's a way huh? ;)

  3. 条条大路通罗马!
    haha... next time you see me.. I might have become lobster head! Bigger! xD


    Btw fringe and nouveau.. still match? xD

  4. wahhhh i very scared one wor like that :P

    fringe and nouveau ahhh..stil match gua >_<" duno lehhhh...