Saturday, July 18, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

I thought this movie was out since April?!

Obviously I don't know a single word of French and assume "Avril" as "April"?


I should watch this movie, must be a very inspiring one!
How a poor and obscure past can lead to a fashion icon of the future! :)


Just by looking at the word black and white is already glam, maybe also


soon it will be.


Tried watching the trailers but don't get a single idea what on earth the movie is about, all in French are you kidding me. hoping to watch it this coming Monday, with only $6 ticket @ Lygon's.

Australian party last night was random, I admit I'm not as brisk as the Aussies/ABC but I must say the party is unexpectedly fun which at the same time I've finally got to know a few of my studio-mates last semester and they kept calling me miss-88.

Never knew studio marks is a prerequisite to be famous no am just joking, but the fact of me getting among the highest marks for Studio 3a kinda made me known for who I am.

It's good to score high huh? :)

Miss-88 it is.

*syok sendiri proud :)*

Crazy bunch of enthusiastic archi students in da house!

The-Joker-Ye-qian plays french horn coz he's horny LOL!!!

Random modelesque shots taken with Euric, the thin-as stick-model-wannbe-partner,
just like me haha! :)

And currently am quite obsessed with this beat riverside muthaf*cker, where whole song has only these 2 words as lyrics crazyness!

Riverside muthaeffer, wooo!

And OHEMMGEEE one more week left and the winter break is over, OVERRRRR.

Can you freakin believe it! Initially I thought I would be bored to death without my ba-boooshes around, with them going back to Malaysia leaving me here alone! But then who knows time flies!

First it was Sydney trip, and then dear Joe came over to visit with our food + dessert marathon around Melbourne (which I surrendered in the end) and also random unexpected outings happening throughout the holidays.

Not to forget sticking the lazy-bump on the seat and nailing to the computer screen watching series and movies which are yet to be finished.

And and should I go for fringe?!
Kinda sick with my center/side parting which is 'essential' to cover my wide face. But then again I should be proud of my "Lim's-Family-Prosperous-Square-Wide-Face", no harm going for a change eih? :)

Or maybe I should think twice =-="

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