Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hyperventilation is no joke.

Uni has started after a long 4-week-winter break.
It's only day-2 of Semester 2 and LiYinism has began to suspire o to the m.g.

First class of Architectural Design 3B was hectic as expected, being under Ann Marie which is all geared up and ready for us to compete in the Moulin Rouge competition held in Paris.

If only there's any field trip for that one!

*imagine being under the Eiffel Tower oh so romantic and gliding through the labyrinth of narrow streets..............*


The reality is to design the new dance school for the moulin rouge and that's it,
no eiffel tower, no field trip!

And now breadth subjects are making me crazy again!
I would want to learn something new, but hesitant about the challenges that I might face.
I would want to take the easy way out taking design communication (all about drawing), but I wouldn't want to waste 3kAUD just to learn something that I've already learnt.


Everything must be settled by this Friday, Architectural design Moulin Rouge story board by this Thursday (utter siaoness) , well-read 70 pages of lecture for Structures tutorial this Thursday, as well, and making up my mind regarding the choices of breadth subjects, by this Friday.


Can I scream =-=?


  1. where is the "edward" that cause you to hyperventilation?

    woot Paris... take airasia to london then... can travel europe.. !! lol... fat dream

  2. hahahha what la edward?! WHY SUDDENLY EDWARD?!?!? LOL

    the breadth subj is making me go crazy!@@
    aihs..yes yes, i will be doing that next year after degree!
    take airasia and travel travel travel!
    thats with my own money la ofcoz ;)
    woot, not fat dream, but a BIG FAT DREAM THAT WILL COME TRUE woohooooooo~~~