Thursday, July 23, 2009!!

This is the freakin 2nd time.

ARe you kidding me nab!(don't ever choose national bank ever ever!)
Few days back there was this weird transaction and what, last night here comes ANOTHER ONE?!
This time $73 wahlao eh are you kidding me you think I very rich izit?!

I've been working my ass off earning a few extra bucks and now the bank just conveniently deduct my money from my acc! Sighness I feel really helpless T____T

Everything seems to be getting on my nerves lately,
totally flunked Japanese placement test today.

first task: WRITE.AN.ESSAY

The most memorable experience in the year 2008.



Why all the mishap come irritate me at this time of the holidays?
Can't I have a peaceful final days of winter break? T_T

In order to cheer me up, I browsed through pictures of seafood (food again) taken in the Sydney Fish Market which I really really miss. Nothing beats the succulent seafood which are oh-so-chewy-and chunks of the seafood just glide through your throat.


No captions.
The yummeliciousness is indescribable, each picture says it all.

Not done yet rrrrrROArrRRRR gimme gimme MORE!!!!!!



rrRrre-e-e-e-!-e-e-e-e-e-e-tarded face =-=

The bank has disabled over-drafting.
Hopefully that helps.

But then again,

Our life doesn't escape from the LAW OF ATTRACTION.


scary shit.

Better start thinking positively but seriously, sometimes I have to get out of my normal day-today-routine and go for something different. And that's when I'll find some littlest thing that's happening around inspiring and exalting.

Life is full with ups and downs and we just have to accept the mishap and learn from it, life goes on and I shall not let that bring me down/ ruin my day/ ruin my holiday!

agree? :)

uni's starting in a 3 days, it'll be a really hectic one but I hope I'll still enjoy it so peeps,
wish me luck for my final semester!!

Jia & I singing "Lucky" @ Beijing to end this emo-yet-not-emo-post.

Self-recorded where Jia exclaimed “got record meh?" halfway. =-="
How can she ever doubt my self-portrait skills! :P

And the proper with the one and only Marcus Cheh Mun Fai's narration.

I miss dueting with you Jia!

What song should we sing when you come?! :D

Looking forward to Marcus Cheh narrating again this time *wink*

Just by thinking positively brought up my mood.
sigh why am I so easily satisfied maybe there's something wrong with me. :|
(too much syok sendiri cells)

Take things easy, don't complicate it?
Life is too short to be taken back of what has happened?

Let bygones be bygones? lol

P/s: feeling really really happy after chatting with mee~

Gonna start reading some natural-science-which-I-don't-have-a-single-what-is-it-about-book that I just borrowed and please don't happen to me again the bank crap @)!(*$&#&@#@!# I am no high-tolerance lady when it comes to unreasonable dealings@)!(*$&#&@#@!#!



  1. wah since when you nickname change from "Lost-noob" to "Eng Song Keat"? like it! ;)

    aiyo, desserts = fat, also no good leh =-=

  2. oh my friggin gawd. those are huge-ass seafood! mad or wot? WOW. :) they have those in melbie? man.. im moving there in february. can't wait!

  3. heyhey Jessica! :)
    that was in Sydney!
    anyway you are coming to melbie!
    am sure you'll enjoy it here ~~