Sunday, July 19, 2009

LiYinism with Fringe, Believe it!! :)

I actually did it! I gained the courage and went for a fringe!

I know I've been wanting to get a fringe even before I dyed my hair (Jessmine & Ruthie knows best, all the yaking about wanting to look young again) and then I dyed my hair with Ruthie's help! At that point I was quite satisfied with the change in colour and thought, well maybe I shall just leave it the way it is with the center/side parting and dyed hair. And then we went to Sydney! There's when xinyun dear got her hair-cut back in Malaysia with her kiddo look and all my friends were saying xinyun looks really young and I looked like her aunt okay just making the 2nd part up. But still! Friends, especially my course mate (yes I am talking about Hwalik) has been saying that I've changed a lot since the first time they saw me 3 years back in Taylor's. It's alright if the change is positive but NO! Change they meant is me getting old, OLD!!!! T______T

Don't ever mention the 'old' issue infront of a lady, it's quite a sensitive one
and then I remembered the ex-beau used to like my hair having the wavy curve from my forehead which sways through the ear and back and I thought, maybe I should wait till he comes to Melbourne and I shall ask his opinion if I should get a fringe or not and OBVIOUSLY, I am just thinking too much, knowing the fact that we are no longer a couple and hah! Wake up you Lim Li Yin. This afternoon then I got a dis-heartful reply from the ex-beau oh well, that is sort of a wake up call, I was thinking what the heck,

who am I to satisfy but myself huh!

So here goes :)

You know usually when you go to the hair dresser, there'll be lots of dilemma being afraid that the result is not what you expect, hair-dresser cutting it too short, too long, yadda yadda crap but guess what! I wasn't in any predicament this time coz,



Geng or not I think I can be a hair-dresser, adding it into my fashion designer/ musician/ singer/ architect dream list. *slap*

Of course it wasn't as easy as expected.

I actually asked mee if I should cut my fringe myself a few days back and she strongly disagree with the opinion and reminded me about how I cut my fringe myself when I was in primary/ secondary school and the result was disastrous.

And so this time I chose to be more cautious, cut my fringe inch by inch.

Below is the process shorter and shorter,
from side parting- side wavy parting- actual fringe!

Act cute also feel good walao eh!! :)

And the little blush on my cheek! Am telling you I did not apply any blusher nor photoshop!

This proves that even my face's complexion is loving my fringe weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~*

And so more LiYinism-All-Hail-Vanity which cannot be helped whenever she feels pretty wahahahahhaahha somebody slap me.

Ahhhhh I feel young again!

Feel different wearing my Adidas this time!

How hair actually makes a big difference in a person huh!
I reckon cutting fringe will be my monthly task from now onwards :P

The bangs works with my fav Boho style too phew okay Lim Li Yin, enough!! =-="


Just back from MOH (Melbourne Open House) and had a great informative day out!

Went to Jamie Oliver's FIFTEEN expected him to appear but nah he's too busy traveling around Europe and the States!

Bailed Box Hill's steamboat last minute aiks because of MASTER CHEF AUSTRALIA WITH OUR MALAYSIAN CONTESTANT POH in the SEASON FINALE!

Such a blast right having a Malaysian and if she wins I reckon she'll be featured all over in the Star newspaper ( you know Malaysia will start claiming people whenever someone achieves something) but if Poh loses *touch wood* I doubt there'll be any news about her =____="

MasterChef finalists ... Poh and Julie.


omg the conniption that will be happening in the kitchen tonight!


Go Poh!

Master Chef @ 7.30pm remember to go watch people!!



  1. dun have news abt her at here wo...haha..
    but if STAR report abt it...
    it could be a good motivation to us all arr...

  2. She lost leh, thats why no news =-="
    yealo, she followed her passion, got into finals lehhhh!! good motivation, we should follow our passion and heart! :)