Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping!!

That's my excuse for me to shop till I drop today with the sisters :|

Went over for a mini-3-girls-slumber-party with yummy finger foods from chicken nuggets to strawberry jam donuts omg the fats before recharging for the shopping day out today! I'm telling you it ain't no joke that yummelicious food here are so tempting you cannot stop craving for them again and again. Once I was wide awake, the first thing that cross my mind is the pop-into-the-oven-Victoria-Market-strawberry-donut that I had the night before (yes mee ko chai jiak ka pui pui liao T___T) and then without second thought, I popped in one donut 30 seconds for breakfast!



I cannot believe that I'm still too bolivious to realize the apparent fact of arrogant fats accumulating around my body day by day yet PERSISTENCE.OF.EATING.O.M.G.CAN.DIE


Back to a happier tone, Jia and I are sharing info on the shoppings that we've done, too crazy how to bring back to Malaysia please!? I don't care I'm gonna wear 10 layers of tops and 10 layers of pants to the airport. period :)

Jia's dungaree t-shirt me want please and my first ever Paul Frank purchase!

(trying hard to show my Paul Frank pouch while pressing the print-screen button which lead me to no choice but to bite it swt.)

Never expect myself to get a malau product but oh well it's a great buy, big enough to fit my camera lehhhh!

Zhenjing, Ginny and I each got one for ourselves!

Us and santa-tree-spongebob.

Got more seriously shop til we drop can die T_T

Nice or not the hat! :D

Us at 2nd stop after the-far-far-away-from-the-city-DFO.


Also another shopping heaven!!

which is a major detriment towards the bank accountT_T

Love the umbrella, ella, eh eh eh :)

Super huge dotti sign I'll miss you dotti T_T

Spot the evidence*.

*hint: legs. wtf.

My first Paul Frank soli* (bangali) ah too excited.

*was talking to Jia about mee following her on using soli as sorry and also 'muaks' for kiss :\




Miniatures and Over-sized stuff totally turns my kawaii-mood on hands down.



cho kawaii.

SUPRE I'll miss you too.

Had a great time with the sisters ♥

Thanks for accompanying this annoying friend of yours haha.

Part of the shoppings done omg seriously how to bring back har.

10 layers of top and 10 layers of bottom wakalukong no joke.


wow geng word out of the blue.

You see la how to resist T_T

Yea right enjoy :\

Yogurt heaven yumssss.!

Loving the supre Christmas bag!

And spot the curls!!! They are done using a sort of hair straightener ceramic thingy really very magical! Place a section and turn 360° before pulling the straightener and dowaio (sound-effect) there goes a beautiful curl.

Ginny and I were really tempted to get each one but 200 AUD is definitely gonna burn a hole so we shook off the idea instead so sad.

Ginny is hoping maybe Boxing Day the price will reduce but I was hoping it'll be cheaper back in Malaysia? They should have it right?

Corioliss Classic Pro Pink Ceramic Flat Iron / Hair Straightener (1") FREE Shipping

Any idea where I can get it less than 200 AUD?!

Preferably less than RM100 *slap* hehe.

TOo tempting lor the baby pink omg.

okay enough.


Life has been really pleasant to me, until the point where I feel guilty :(

Plans has already been made for my short term future, another round of job application T_T, keeping finger crossed for a super exciting upcoming family business maybe when I'm back :D! Can't believe mee will actually agree about that when I was being skeptical when talking about it the other day. I thought mee will oppose the idea but never ask never know and I'm pretty much a grown woman already I guess O_O.

Now we have a mini plan coming up woo hoo hoo I'm so excited.

And researching about Masters is too enticing to be true.

Everything may seem really impossible but we have only have one life to live, why not make it large? :)

No pain no gain, dare to dream large, that's what I keep reminding myself.

Can't wait for the weekend! Should start packing but I guess mee and dee area already used to my shambolic-ness.

But don't think I never try to be tidy ok, I love to have a clean and tidy space but I don't know why everywhere I go will have a typoon tailing me and no matter how hard I try to keep the place tidy the place will turn out messy in less than a day, I don't know why. :\

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