Monday, December 28, 2009

Boxing day frenzy~

$5 diva is too tempting.
I had to think of my baggage allowance again and again to prevent myself from buying the whole $5 rack T_T

$5 each.

Original price was $29.99

and $24.99 for the head band.

And the specs mee and I got the other day ♥

Ok la don't know what to type here for the time being.

Just a quote of the day.
Happiness without anyone to share is not happiness.

:) ♥


  1. Nice shades! And looks like you got yourself some good bargains...

  2. hehehehe yeap khai sheng! its more than 80% i think! :D

  3. bloody cheap lah. si kui eh. so worthyyyyyyy!

  4. si kui what la joe.... hehehehe
    I just bought another miss sixty, for $15!! show you later when we skype!!