Monday, November 30, 2009

My New Bike!!!!! ♥


Nah Dee my new bikee.....!

So happy got it for only $95AUD, new summore and I'll be buying one bike anyway if it wasn't on sale!

ok makan first, too hungry to continue typing.

More updates soon.




Rode my new bike to work today, took me only 20 minutes compared to taking tram which will take up an extra precious 25 minutes sleeping time! Work life was okay, the little-documentation-organizing that I was supposed to be in charged of hasn't been set up yet, so for these 3 days I've been basically doing random errands, from AutoCAD to Illustrator to printing and sorting out the library. But I must say, I'm quite loving it since I won't be doing anything if I were not to work, and they kept apologizing to me coz they were afraid of me being too bored and haven't had any jobs for me and yet! O_O"

wakalukong people here are just soooo nice!!!! :)

I don't mind lor seriously, coz I'm paid anyway wahahahhaha.

However 2mr onwards things might pick up a little, which means no more chilling in the office but serious business time! Other than that, everything's rather the same, 2 more weeks til ~mee and dee~ are over *clap hands*!!!!!

Okay more photos of my new bike!

I know why purple but not my fav pink you are saying coz that's the one which is on offer and pink ones are for teenagers. Ruth bought a pink very Barbie-ish lo I tell you me likey!

My bunch of life essentials, lost them and I can jump into Yarra River.

hahaha long tme boh camwhore ade so pardon me please :)


  1. hahahahahah
    coz pink one smaller.!
    but ok la, purple still girlish ;)

  2. lol... like ppl don't know you are girl?
    haha... well.. cycle more.. xD might slim down ur hips..

  3. =-=" ///
    yes, cycling is really tiring for the thigh too!!