Thursday, November 5, 2009

~Mee~ I've uploaded another batch of photos from NZ!

*click click*

hur hur hur I don't know what to type here.

I guess everyone else is busy with their finals except for us architecture students who have weird timetable, 先苦后甜 who worked our asses off before everybody started worrying about exams and having jolly time when everybody's studying! No doubt I am loving my everyday now, not having anything to worry about but of course internship crap still to worry about okay what am I talking about but still, it's better than studying for exams!

Ok la don't know where I am getting to the point is, please can an architecture firm please respond to my application already! :|

Why is my portfolio really that bad I am loosing confidence in architecture T_T okay Lim Li Yin don't lose hope too soon! There are still many things in world you haven't tried out try the road not taken! Yes maybe I should!! Stepping out of my comfort zone we have only one life to live so let me pursue my dream~~~~~ please :)

Okay so here goes pictures from Fox Glacier, the album with 99 pictures which are filtered from 300+ pictures O to the M G only for one day!


Perfect spot for a picnic.

Hello our food saviour bag! :D
(that's when Jia and I were known as MUNCHIE SISTERS to be in possession with a bag for a week of food supply :|)

From fruits to Malaysia cuisine
(yes that's beef rendang from KenJin's mum yum yum~)

the population was so scarce we can have jump shots in the middle of the freeway during day time you say crazy or not!

Snow cap mountains oh so pretty.

Very only can be seen in the movies-ish shot with big billboard sign in the middle of no where.

Very kampung no joke a perfect retreat for the retired :)

Fat die to have a job like that.

My watermelon super kawaii~

On the way to the fox galcier which is slowly depleting through the years :'O

Taking me taking you!

At the little Chinese Village down under.

With Cindy and Christy hope to see them in Indo soon~ :)

Okay aza aza fighting I don't care if the world of architect don't want me bye bye to you not my loss! Maybe I'll take a part-time course next year yes me not joking!! Will see how just come what may and live life to the fullest.


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