Friday, November 20, 2009

20th of nov! :)

Many things happened today so very the busy!

Ruth's birthday first and foremost attached to other strings to joyful happenings.

Things are beginning to fall into place.

Got 2 freakin good news in a row me very the happy die.

Was selected as a weekly winner of The Anna Sui "Rock Me!" Contest Anna Sui "rock me" perfume coming my way SongKeat if you are reading onegai please help me to collect it!!! :)

and I'm still awake at 5.45am after alcohol overdose last night.

Melbourne is too super hot to bear talking about a decent fan for a good night's sleep!!! :|

Twilight New Moon is too cheesy, but the love from Edward to Bella is still too good to be true~~~~♥

More updates when everything's confirmed.

trying to get back to sleep when the sun's rising on the east :\



  1. Yeap iwill go and colllext your prize later in the afternoon! XD

  2. wow thank you thank you!!!
    and i duno how to save to PDFF!!!! :(