Monday, November 16, 2009

My Future is so very the Vague!!!

How arrrr I am so nervous for my future.

It's as though everything that is planned has already been achieved and now comes the bleak stage of life when whatever you decide is critical!

I want to pursue my dreams and yet there are so many things holding me back I don't know which direction I should head :|

I don't want to take the predictable road, continuing Master in Melbourne (again) after gaining working experience before getting married (wtf nobody wants me also =-=) and settle, everything down under please I don't want can? I want to take this opportunity to pursue my dreams, as in seriously P.U.R.S.U.E. my dreams, going to you know where and then start stitching some fabric wtf.=-="

Aiyah everything's easy to be said than loud and action speaks louder than words so please enough of typing and start taking some action Lim Li Yin!

Anyhow in the mean time I must still earn some cash in order to pursue my dream so you see, everything is so contradicting and in the mean time I wanna go home because I miss my beloved home sweet home, my dearest family (Tatt is already back from KL ah how can so fast holiday started already?!) and all my dearest babes too will be back by then!

Of course I can choose to go back home but what if I really do?

Going back to my beloved Penang, hanging out with my girls and high school mate, gatherings, gatherings, and more gathering, and this is what us human beings tend to do, sticking to the comfort zone, but what about my dreams that I've been wanting to achieve???? I want to so this and that and so many things still that I want to do before I leave here for good, learn while I can so please some freakin firm just employ me already?!

The point is everything's really perplexing.

Ok la, I think I better stop here.

This post is getting no where.

Very random thought flash through again.

Do you believe our lives are already planned out before we were born?

It's kinda ambivalent as me believing a little in that and Law of Attraction, which makes everything so BIJJABOOMZ-ish and enigmatic but oh well, I guess that's just life and we'll just have to appreciate every moment of our lives.....

wahlao like very geng okay shut up.

Emoyin goes no where and time to gather myself up for the obstacles ahead!

*LiYinism dance move which AhJin knows best wtf*

P/S: I foresee a lonesome Christmas T___T

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  1. im also facing this problem but i havent given it up~
    Do our best ya =)