Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekends always tend to pass by very quickly, I can't believe that it has been 4 days me shifting to having my own room (temporarily). As you can see everything is still in a mess, which I don't intend to mend because I know that I'll be doing the reverse again when the time comes to another shifting which is a really really mentally physically draining wakalukong no joke.

Luckily there's still a big mirror for vain pots like me ahhaahahahah

and the junk food at the corner omg so tempting!

Josh, Ruth and I planned for another final shopping before both of their jobs officially start tomorrow good thing everyone was punctual and we hopped on the City Circle tram in no time :)

Trying to capture some lookbook-ish shots!

Meh salah face for josh.


While waiting for the City Circle.

OMG my hair is so freakin long already it's like a mop plonked on my head! :|

A little sight-seeing around the city after shopping.

Guess where????

All are taken in the MELBOURNE STATE LIBRARY.


We finally decided to take a tour into the library after one year passing by gazillion times for groceries shopping at Safeway and shopping around the city and Ruth and I were really gawked by the stunning majestic interior of the library.

This really defines 远在天边,近在眼前!

(definition: search high and low for a thing but it's actually right before your eyes............... something like that :| )

Am telling you too much shopping these few days having the impression of already getting a job is really detrimental!!!

Moreover without my part-time at the restaurant adds the burden for needing to buy groceries it has been ages since the last time I cook a proper decent meal (okay not that I do it often) Bought 1.5 kgs of Marinara Mix my fav~~~~~ for 8.89 AUD per kg I almost bought 10 kgs to stock up for a year supply. *slap*


BUT you tell me, :

how to resist shopping?! O_O

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