Tuesday, November 10, 2009

On a 36°C Tuesday

Ruth and I were getting ready to go to the Law Building for high-speed wireless and air-conditioning when I started changing into a summer outfit, telling Ruth where I got the super cheap fringed vest from ICE in Docklands when the shopping bug hit Ruth, suggesting: WHY NOT WE GO FOR SOME SHOPPING NOW???

*paused silence*


That's how we got dressed, slapped a generous amount of sunblock onto our bodies before putting on our sunnies for a shopping day out! :)

Long time no see, legs!

Sunnies! Long time no see too!

Scorching hot lor the sun wakalukong no joke.

Ruthie trying to get a tan.

While me crossing the road very quickly to get into the shade!!

Major shopping at ICE dfo.

And see what I found from diva!

An exact replica of the camel/elephant bracelet I got myself from India trip which only cost me 30 rupees(I think)=RM3.


That's 15 AUD= RM45.

15x the price I BOUGHT GOT SO SIAO OR NOT!

We were relatively conked out, walking from Fed Square back to Queensberry, not to mention more shopping along Swanston and by the time we got back, the tomyam fried rice that I took out from the fridge in the morning was already heated up by the heat in the apartment!

Fan breeze + tomyam fried rice + ribenna+coke= perfect combination!

And the Christmas deco that I was talking about!!

Aren't the earrings the cutest?!

And CHANEL-ish paper bag that we found can I magic wand the paper bag into leather please? :)

Loving the Christmas ambience :))))))))


Back to Geelong trip last weekend, Ruth and I had plans in the morning to attend Marc's picnic at Royal Melbourne Park before meeting the gang at Southern Cross Station but ended up us over-sleeping and missed both activities, FAIL.

We were sound asleep when Jessmine rang me up asking me if we were still at the park having picnic manatau we were still laying on our beds when the clock already says 12.42p.m, 15 more minutes before the train to Geelong leave Melbourne (you know how punctual Australian time is)

No doubt Ruth and I were rushing like siao, rushing around the apartment stripping and changing into decent clothing before rushing out to the tram stop, without brushing our teeth har har har har har We were swearing all the way until we reached Melbourne Central and realized it's Southern Cross station, Not Flinder's station, more swearing until we reached Bourke St when the tram line to Southern Cross WASN'T AVAILABLE DUE TO SOME CRAP CONSTRUCTION ARE YOU KIDDING ME MORE SWEARING @)$!&%(!@ and then last resolution, WE HOPED ON TO A CAB I am telling you for us the most thrifty persons on earth to hop on a cab is a pretty big deal and we were like SOUTHERN CROSS STATION BY 1pm when the cab driver said it's impossible can't you give just give us a little hope taxi driver ?)@*&$!






BOOM BOOM POW to Southern Cross entrance when Josh/Ash called saying THE TRAIN HAS ALREADY LEFT.

when the clock stroke 1.58pm the train left, WHAMP! on our face.



After so much drama, we went to get another ticket no more choice and with the scorching hot weather, we waited at the platform meddling with our i-gadgets when Ruth exclaimed it's SLURPEE DAY after surfing on Facebook.

Off we go to the nearest 7-eleven for FREE slurpeeeeeeee

At least something good to compensate us missing the train ride!

Finally in the train for the one-hour-ride to Geelong.

2 minutes late which resulted into an hour!

more waiting at Geelong for the bus ride to Ashley's.

After sambal sotong and rice, off we go to the beach!

neighbourhood with many cute dogs wondering around!

We spotted Lee Hua the starfish :P

Chor Yee with her dikir barat.


Something edible, I think.

Great weekend in conclusion :)

P/s: Got one eighty from last week! *jumps around*

Time for more shopping? :)

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