Monday, November 9, 2009

SUper Hot can die!

I am telling you the weather is getting ridiculous global warming is no joke people please start using eco-bags and stop with the plastic bags!

Went to St Kilda this morning no doubt with sexy chicks in bikinis walking around the streets at 32°C I wonder how am I gonna survive during summer☀ (cute hor this emoticon!!)

Talking about the weather getting hotter by day, it's really critical for me to LOSE WEIGHT I AM NOT KIDDING ALREADY!

No more chance to hide my arrogant fats with layers of fabric major diet plan should launched asap, talking about the 4 SMITH's chips that I bought from Safeway last week hur hur hur nvm they are to be kept until ~mee and dee~ are over♥

Me munching Smith's hur hur hur non-stop somebody please slap me.

Anyway, Geelong trip last weekend was relaxing and fun! Super warm home with a mini grand over-looking the beach nobody could ask for more :)

On the way to the beach duh obviously and the heat is skin piercing me no kidding.
But still the sky and sea are too lovely to resist!

Nice shot!
Coz it's taken by me :)

Curry Puffs by Ash's mum yum yum!

And we had heavy BBQ before we headed back to Melbourne last night you tell me how can I lose weight with glorious food keep coming my way!

(I just had Wanton Mee and Tomyam Fried rice at workplace just now seriously....

吃是富, that's the only thing I can say :)

Me and the baby grand!!!!!!!!!
Really fun having the chance to play the piano while dear buddies sing along.

Can I please have one in my future home?
Or would somebody buy me one as a Christmas Present and talking about the Christmas decorations in town oh so pretty!!!

more photos on that soon Law Building is closing now.
Time to go!

Have a great week ahead peeps~

P/s: did I mention that Ruth and I overslept and missed the 1pm train that the others took off to Geelong?!

Super fail wakalukong.

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