Sunday, May 9, 2010

Step by Step :)

Hmmm..I've opened this page for quite some time and have nothing to write. Or is it the other way round where I have so many things to say but too jumbled I don't know where to start? :\

Anyway way, next week marks my one month stay in Singapore. How time flies!! Although it has only been one year me being in Melbourne, at times I still have to get used to the weather *don't be so dramatic la but seriously, I remember Friday night when I was about to step out of the office at 8pm when I prepared myself for a chill upon stepping out and boomz, hot air and a trickle of sweat on the way to the MRT station. And then I'm hot then I'm cold when transferring from indoor to outdoors with all the walking. Poor poor legs and feet :(

Albeit all the ramblings, the pros of being in a place with relatives and friends, you get
good weekends, good company, good food (really good food), good activities, and not to forget, GOOD ICE CREAM!

Yes you heard me right! With the durian flavour compatible with Freddo's Lygon!

To browse around for a roche the next time visiting Udders is a must! :)

Love all the random hand-writings which enables connection between Udders and all ice cream lovers,
vote for the new flavour!

*ignore fat arms but spot the cute boy! :)

wee-lin winks!

The cousins :D

Brinjal and meat floss, the best preparation for brinjal ever tasted!

wasabi prawns. *sipek hojiak!

See the similarities. ;)

At AhChew desserts.

Mango and Pomelo

Had a walk along the famous Haji Lane!!

Lots of random interesting shops selling random interesting things. *claps!

*guilty* :(

Finally had a dip today!!

Major sweating in the sauna right after I'm feeling really rejuvenated! :)

New working environment tomorrow.

Have a great week ahead peeps.

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