Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hello May! :)

wow, it has been a while to start a post with a chirpy mood oh well where should I start? :)

Oh well it's Thursday already and next comes Friday hallelujah!!
To be honest, I never thought that I will actually end up being here in Singapore, too much of bumping around I thought my days will be emo day by day until uhm, something happens? But oh well, I guess it all tolls down to this, getting a job here! :)

Working hours is really long not to forget the one hour public transport to and fro from work resulting a snappy me. Mee and Jia are complaining that snappy side of me I don't know, it might be because of the being too nice in the office and the tension accumulated and then boomz when I get home. I'm not saying that the office environment is suppressing but it's just my instinct to be nice around outsiders until I am around with my loved ones since primary school I am famous of being the devil in the home.

So if you experience the snappy side of me, it means that you are one of my really close loved ones, be proud!! *slaps.

Okay, surprisingly I do enjoy working, maybe part of me wants. to. be. an. architect.


Oh well we shall see, just come what may! :)

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