Tuesday, September 29, 2009


YEs Jia and I are back from our 9 day trip around South island New Zealand and we are sick of mountains and rivers already o to the m g but WE ARE THINKING OF GOING SKYDIVING TOMORROW IF THE WEATHER PERMITS US!!!

This may sound crazy but it's as though the courage had hit me just like that after Queenstown!
Once in a life time experience which will definitely burn a pocket in our ~Mee and Dee~ and Jia's bank account Rm3k+ but get to see snow mountains while free falling for 40 seconds I don't care I must definitely try it! It's like sky cruising, bunjy jumping, parasailing, hot-air-balloon ride, ALL IN ONE PACKAGE IF WE REALLY MANAGE TO SKYDIVE!!



the excitement! *kisiao-ing*

Hokkien Mee tonight! Finally Penang food after 9 days of Western cuisine, HOKKIEN MEE, LAKSA!

Ok lots to catch up and time to cuddle up with baby Wan Hui!!

White on White image from Christchurch Art Gallery to end this post:

Jia's illustration of my piku (butt) which looks more like a 4 letter salah thing :\

and my bad habit to her which must stop!

Okay enough of exclamation mark (!)

bye bye (!)


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