Saturday, September 12, 2009

whole luggage of ♥ from Japan

It's 8.30am in the morning on a sunny sunny day.

Apparently everyone has been looking forward to this day after all the winter chill and Josh actually planned a picnic at St.Kilda!
Just right since I'll be bringing Jia over anyway for fish n chips and desserts :)

It was really fun to have a family member around, feel really like home with all the noise and sister/family talking, loving the ambiance much!! Anyhoos there are still assignment to be done (MID REVIEW FOR AD3B NEXT THURSDAY T___T) Of course I'll still be getting things done and talking about that, I actually brought Jia along with me to work yesterday! Poor Jia but what to do, this trip will not be a travelling trip for her but:

LiYin, life in the fab lane
everyday-very-the-busy-life, LiYin.

Okay time to switch back to assignment mode (@#!&& but before that may I present you the wonders and love Jia brought along with her from Japan!

She actually filled the whole luggage with stuff for me and Limin (mostly mine duh~) til she didn't have space for her own stuff =X.
No worries since there're whole wardrobe of clothes waiting for her over here but her style and I varies quite much but oh well, no worries for LiYinism FashionTECTURE is a versatile one! :D

jia who's loving rugged look currently, which is so not LiYinism okay.
Time for make-over Lim Li Jia *snaps fingers*

Ruth was saying, "wah, very Japanese ah."
with all the 日本語 written all around the items.:D

I was already shrieking non-stop at this point.

Very busy unpacking and showing me this and that.

Even a simple snack can be interesting with all the simple か and the あ

EYE LASH TONER time for a pun ne ne long lashes!!!

Tokyo girls cup woohooo *I wonder if you know, if you been to Tokyo, if you see me if you lala then you know you have to go, FAST AND FURIOUS!!*

Just ignore me.

the bottle is too cute!

THE one and only CopiC markers.
(yes which costs siao $9.90 AUD for one here!)

See the "0, colourless blender" and the top right?
Jia was complaining saying, " what la bluff people into buying, I use my saliva also can!"




It climbs on poles like climbing trees (with the magnets at it's limbs)
ahhhh don't make me like this boh liao stuff please.
But wait I A.M bohliao =-="


haha bored and stoned faces at the back but
"as long as you get used to the LiYinism" :)

The lashes that I've been wanting!

For Jessmine Leong Man Mei who loves PEACH~
time to sing otsuka ai's :D

Skin food 满天下 which is gonna use die me.


Fans, errr, which are useful for summer! :)

20 freakin boxes inside I think use die me also :D

Another picture and ignore the "teh hijau".
Such a turn-off! >_<"

Innisfree, another ninki =
人気 = famous brand in nihon along with DHC.

Pink= cute.

Green tea perfume woot woot~~


Time for preperation for Vic market before St.Kilda woohoohoooooo!
Jia 私はあなたを愛してる! \(Y0Y)/

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  1. phwwwoooar, that's A LOT of BBCream! Lucky u!!! Now i really, really wanna go to tokyo. looks like a girl's paradise!

    hope ur crit went excellent! :)