Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cherry Blossoms sakura


Weather is cold, sky is blue, pool is tempting, baby is cute, cherry blossoms are too pink to resist!

All the assignment rushing plus taking Jia around for desserts in Melbourne from Freddo's to Lindt. Yes we actually went for freddo's twice coz Jia commented that they have the best ice-cream ever, which is quite a big achivement for Freddo's since Jia has been half way round the globe from Japan to the UK.

Anyway back to the topic, it's already 11pm plus and Jia and I are making ourselves at home chillin, literally. It's still 8-12 °C although its Spring but the sakura trees which are just a few streets from home are too cute! more than 100 pix taken in 10 minutes while waiting for the bus to the town, when there's LiYinism there's pix-taking-non-stop! :)

*aiyo duno why can't seem to copy and paste pictures from facebook. more updates soon xoxo
~Mee and Dee~ click here for 1st day album :)

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