Thursday, October 15, 2009

Somebody call 911! perspex fire burnin' in the fablab.

Update: coz I find this title more interesting :)

We had our final most-relaxing-class-ever-visual-communication, class yesterday, where we had to try on water colour and paint red hot chillies and am telling you, there isn't any other activities that can be in comparison to be as relaxing as this class under the architecture torture building :)

Us and our paintings which was utter funness!

And guess what happened just now after structures test, THE FIRE ALARM IN OUR BUILDING WENT OFF AND WE ARE LIKE WTF IS THIS A FIRE ESCAPE PRACTICE FALSE ALARM CRAP but at the same time am kinda thrilled, hoping that studio class will be cancelled for the night (6pm-9pm and yes we have odd studio times like that) AND TURNED OUT THAT THERE IS INDEED A FIRE WTF!

Okay too much drama no fire in sight though but it ain't no false alarm it is, and it's our FAB LAB THAT CAUGHT FIRE HAHAHA!

Aiyo pardon my siaoness I think the 1.40am-not-enough-sleep-siaoness is hitting but I FIND IT REALLY FUNNY LEH! Fab lab on fire at this point of the semester when students are all fighting to be in queue to fabricate their final model and then the machine kisiao and turn it's tantrum towards us architecture students wahlaoeh scary shit.

Okay that's just the big drama of the day, other than that studio was fine, at least I have a proper outline on what to do for my final presentation thanks to AM for being in such a good mood :))))))

Aiyo already almost 2am but stil haven't had dinner!

Might go back and cook some tomyam before hitting bed talking about keeping fit, bleh.

ok fasterrrrrrrrrr...sketch up rendering is killing!!!!


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  1. Oh about the fablab fire, i was THERE too!!