Monday, October 19, 2009

archizombies in the making.

I know freakin Holloween is just around the corner and students have already started to decorate uni with lamo skeletons, don't know what to expect but Jessmine Leong's ghost stories last night really freakin freaked us out like seriously! Only 3 of us in archi building in the hallway in the middle of the freezing cold night with Jessmine geng skills in narrating ghost stories ain't no joke wakalukong O_O"

So now here we are again at 12.12a.m (such a coincidence a double digit oh so cute :) continuing our architorture life oh please I am so ready to get done with everything alreadyyyyyyyyy blahhhhhh.. =-="

Story boards should speak for itself, how I wish there is this rule where all archistudents don't have to present their works, just pinning up and start sipping wine while enjoying the exhibition but NO! I'll have to present this coming Thursday night and exhibition is only next Friday oh why am I talking about this it's supposed to be Halloween I'm talking about. So anyway my main point is, there's no any better place to experience Halloween than an architecture building. Me no kidding just step into an architecture building nearby in the middle of the night and you'll get what I mean end of statement.

Ok lah very lame update, just when you are too carried away, you would tend to fuss about unnecessary stuff:

"Phantom of the Opera" or "Sound of Music"?

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