Sunday, October 4, 2009

Can I jump into Yarra river when I get back? T____T

Seriously this is killing me, knowing I have only less than 24 hours to get me-have-not-started-anything-studio-assignment done, not to mention me needing at least 6 hours to sleep on Monday night. If I end up not sleeping THAT. WILL. BE. MAJOR.

But oh well, I have a feeling I'll end up not sleeping and dreading this whole week.

Structures please fall into place but of course I need to get as much done as possible coz once I'm back, it'll be all about studio studio studio cryyyyyyyyyyy*.

At this point, I just hope the remote control from the movie CLICK do actually exist to fast forward myself to the end of October.


3am morning call tomorrow to catch the 6am flight from Christchurch and will be reaching Melbourne by 8am Australian time.

Studio all the way before 5pm structures class and then studio again until the next day.

Talking about architorture life. bleh.

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