Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Abundance of Motivation out there!♥

you just have to search for them.

Note: This post was written before I got to know about the space limitation for picture posting in blogspot which obviously shows that it's been written a few days/ weeks back! (7/24/2009)

Finished studio crit today and attended 'Odile Decq' s lecture at Sidney Myer's and I must say, not having English as her first language but still managing to win competitions around the world really inspires me.

From now onwards, I shall not let
'not-being-able-to-convey-my-ideas-and-thoughts-using-English-fluently' pull me down.

As long as there's the idea, nobody else can pull me back and although I'm not good in English but still you shall see, LiYinism will soon conquer the architecture FashionTECTURE world (an utopia which is created by of course LiYinism herself which nobody else will live in unless you are well, as bimbotic as LiYinism okay I don't know where this is getting but anyway! The point is,) Although English is not your first language, you should not let that bring you back and can still excel! :)

9am class 2mr for design communication!

Kind of excited since it'll be a drawing class-me love!

Okay, back to the post title:
I don't remember what I've written but instead of letting it grow mould in my blogger draft, might as well post it and of course you can choose to ignore :P


Recently, or should I say just today, there has been little events happening around me which inspired me in writing this post. First it was reading Marcussism's kaching blog post about the Oprah Winfrey show interviewing successful millionaires and how Marcus is being inspired by them.

And then while skyping with mee, so happened mee was reading Robert Kuok Hock Nien's notes on the past sixty years, the richest man in South East Asia which reportedly has the net worth of $10billion on May 2008 by Forbes.

And then I come to realize life is full of mishap, we just have to take things as they come and learn from mistakes that we've done without letting them bring you down.

Despite my disinclination towards Mandarin during primary/secondary school days (because of the diabolical examinations and 三字经 and endless 默写 that don't make sense), Chinese idioms which I find interesting and meaningful have been imbued within myself. wahlao like very geng *slap*


the cliché idiom that has been used again and again which I believe every Chinese students in this world has used it at least once in their life for comprehension/ essays, which eventually made it not as cogent and emphatic as it should be anymore?


It may not imply to you right now but if you think through the meaning of this idiom thoroughly, you'll realize that it's actually an explicit 7 characters which will keep on inspire and encourage you whenever you feel down. People tend to get deprived over unfortunate events that happen around them and give up on what they truely believe and care.

Living in the subjective world, we are all free to have our own thoughts in everything that is happening around us, never stop believing in what you believe, this is what I learnt in the architecture world. I guess in this boarderless world, we tend to get influenced by people around us, afraid of being scrutinized, being looked down, being judged.

No doubt being "am not a girl, not yet a woman" lady, I was often swayed and influenced by people around me, "intoxicated" by fame, money, power, and glamorous things that are out of my reach.

envious, lust, greed, jealousy.....

All these negative words which linger around my mind, "I am so envious over this person, that person.... Bla bla bla has so many holidao/geng things, I want them too...... oh she's so pretty, I want her body... blablabla " the rant goes on.

And then after reading Robert Kuok Hock Nien's notes in the past 60 years, I then realized that we should always be contented of what we have, never be fall for lust.

And then there's this more geng one, after watching "the Secret" my ALL TIME FAVOURITE:

"You are the MASTERPIECE of your OWN LIFE."

Why bother about what people think of you, life is too short to satisfy others than yourself.
Just live your life, and cherish and be contented of everything you have.

知足长乐 :)

However (why are there so many contradiction =-=), we should not be complacent of what we have and should always strive for the best, achieving what you want, and I still want a CHANEL what the eef eef eef eef ...... well as I said, strive my best, achieve what I want, don't let anything come my way, as simple as ABC :)

♥ Random shots taken with warmth from home ♥

Cutie pies Yang boy and ~Mee~ giving me smoochies~
(captured at the wrong timing with my cacat-ed face =-=)

And the pretty eyes that Yang boy drew using the msn paint tool ain't it amazing!

Yang boy's creative juices are definitely higher than mine I must admit.

And pulling off lookbooklook when I was bored.

Ain't the scarf looking like a wax dripping :)

Loving the detail and lace of my tights and yes Jia,
the TONY BIANCO will be yours when you come! :)

okay okay time is ticking very quickly tick tock tick tock!

It's already the 2nd week of final sem and AD3B Moulin Rouge project is coming to an end without even having a proper start what a short and abrupt project O_O"

I wish time could just tick slower but not having the ability to succumb, I guess I'll just have to identify the resources that are around me and make full use of them!

Final sem so aza aza fighting!

May you have a great week ahead~

loves xoxo

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  1. that makes me remember a phrase "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger"

    don't you wish that the time turn backward like then we can bcm more and more naive?

    Then we won't be worry about this and that, envy about him/her. life is simple back then.

    well... the time doesn't stop and yet we have to move on...


    one of ur quote

    "The past is filled with memories that will never be forgotten; today is the future I created yesterday, and the future is where I'm going to be!!"

    so... create more miracle.
    be the head not the tails!