Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quick Update.!

It's almost a week since the last time I updated!
Oh boy hell right darn many things have been happening for the week very very the busy indeed omg what the this sentence structure me don't understand.

Ok don't bother.

Party tonight!


Another excuse to party all night long~ :)

Malaysians. Why oh why do we have the urge to party with Malaysians when we are at a foreign country when we have all the chance to party with the whole bunch of Malaysians when we are back in Malaysia.

Well this is just the human phenomenology.
Tending to appreciate something more when it's rare.

Ok I better stop yaking my phrases are going no where.

Just a few pictures on what I've been up to for the past 7 days, site visits, mundane groceries shopping and SETHO OSSI IS IN DA HOUSE!


Another reason why we MUST party tonight woot woooot! :)

Structures Site Visit @ South Yarra.
Never expect to meet so many cute boys thats why the salah outfit:

jessmine leong don't kill me coz me too very the salah.

Aiyah the camera blocking the cute site-structure-engineer shooshoo!! >_<"

Yes yes spot for the cute guy! :)

Strawberry season we likey many many!

Oh and Kiwi fruits tooo yumyummm :)

More reasons to loooooove Victoria Market on Saturdays!

$1 deals everywhere!

guess who guess where :)

ahhhh super huge and cute errr... what breed har?

whatever but aren't he the cutest! :)

Sofia after Camberwell this morning:

Seth-is-not-awake-face and Ruth busy admiring the accessories she got.

Trying out the head band.

"wah very the tight leh."

big head prawn から。:|

Me and Seth finally with the FREE gelato!

Mee it's free takkan don't wanna eat meh T_T

Why we got it free coz we had to shift over to a smaller table to be able to occupy another group of 10 customer ain't we lucky or what! :)

Next time must sit at the spot to get free ice-creams weeeheeee! *slap*

Okay byebye.

P/s: Has already started stocking up junk food for LimLiJia's arrival!

10 days time! me cannot wait! ♥

Jia 早くください!ブラアイスクリムがほしい! ahhhhhhh! *slap* :)

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