Saturday, August 15, 2009

Somebody call 911!

Pardon me the constant post of poppin' lockin' music videos but the beats are just too irresistible! :)

It's Saturday, THE WEEKEND again finally!

Speaking of having a relaxing 2 days but there are still, site visits to be made:

Melbourne Uni Open Day tomorrow and the bunch of Ann-Marie's-silo-us has to attend the uni's Performing Arts Dance School at South Bank for this-semester's-architectural-design-dance-school-that-we-are-to-design-sake.

Anyhow, "music school" is still keeping design studio inflame :)

@ South Bank this time, hopefully we'll arrive the place smoothly despite the fact that a bunch of us got lost when we tried searching for CHUNKY MOVE studios also @ South Bank last Tuesday under the rain! =-="

After meandering around the building, yes we actually CIRCLED the weird-shaped-copper-building a few times before we finally found the "CHUNKY MOVE" that were placed at the most nonstrategic location of the building.

Tired and body-aching after the 1 hour dance.

Twisting and turning and rolling on the floor were the few steps that are to be followed while the instructor danced the contemporary dance.

And we ended up ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), literally.

A few random shots taken during design communication class which was about photography this week with all of the students squeezing around each other to capture the models which were lit up by the professional architecture photographer.

Meanwhile, I think Joe's-sweet-tooth-bug is attacking!

No joke.

These few days I've been craving for sweet surrenders which are rather sinfulicious! :|


Trying my best not to head to Max Brennars nor Freddo's, I ended up galloping whatever "resources" I have at home:

NUTELLA that makes wonders:

Just Nutella and Strawberries needed okay this is not even a recipe :|

Splurge a spoonful of nutella onto the succulent strawberry.



Presenting to you Frozen Forerro-Roche-Alike
(kinda obscene name we have here =-=)

Very simple recipe requiring only cereals and nutella.

Mix sufficient amount of nutella with a hand full of SpecialK and start mixing:

Sprinkle a little milk powder onto them before popping them into the freezer and wolllahhh~
Very Brunetti's alike huh! :)

Yes I think my masterpiece can easily fit in.


Researchers at the University of Bath, now suggest that people who eat
chocolate regularly are happier than those who do not! A group of 900 people were divided into three - one ate a bar of a well-known brand of chocolate a day, another was asked not to eat chocolate, while the third were free to eat chocolate or not, as they liked. The group reported their feelings via a Web-based interactive diary over a week. In the chocolate group, 70 per cent said they felt happy, compared to 35 per cent in the chocolate-deprived group. In the free choice group, 60 per cent felt happy.

Dr. Adrian Owen, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge, said that recent brain imaging studies have shed new light on why
chocolate has an impact on mood. It's often assumed that chocolate contains psychoactive substances that affect brain chemistry. In fact, it is more likely that the unique combination of taste, texture and aroma in a bar of chocolate stimulate the pleasure centres than any other food.

Source: *click*

Indeed :D

Friday Night:

Enthusiastic Ruthie and I keeping our chichi high.

coming up in the chichi

stay tuned babes

And more LiYinism model-wannabe-shots while waiting for Jessmine Leong before heading for FREDDO'S which we ended up not getting to eat AGAIN (@#)%&&&!

Life in the fast lane.

: Fashiontecture will happen, we must believe in it! The Secret, Oprah Show everything is motivation!! I pray that you'll make it big LiYin. You have too much energy that needs to be exploded!..


Somebody call 911, LiYinism's dreams are fire burning fire burning...



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