Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcakes! :)

It is Monday AGAIN, which I really dread T_T
Why oh why must the weekend always zoom by so quickly?????

Another mundane week with studio and no worse, structures mid-sem exam to take this Thursday! Not to mention the diagram crap which are expected by tomorrow. I seriously have no idea what we are supposed to come up with, I think it's all the AA (architecture association) craze hitting, designing building based on diagram which I cannot agree more, but please, what's dance choreography has to do with designing a building? I proposed having to think as a dancer instead of we analyzing a boring contemporary dance video, having them looking spaces as points and a dynamic element and how music drives a dance, which was disagreed. I don't get how dance can actually exist without music, look at all music videos we are watching, do we actually go appreciate for example, this:

p/s: don't bother to click play or you will give up in contemporary dance and loath it, forever.

How on earth can a decent human being actually sit through this 7 minutes 'dance' video?! Having so-called-'dancers' walking through the landscape in harpin without any music omg you say got so siao or not.

To make everything worse, I AM ACTUALLY CHOOSING THIS VIDEO fml wakalukong wah lao eh eh eh eh eh ella eh eh under my umbrella eh eh .......*echoes away*


Ok despite everything, I actually have a connection with this video, liking how they integrate their choreography with the landscape and doing what they do best without concerning how others think of them yea somebody slap me. I don't know why but oh well, Beyonce can't be in the list so here it is a lame CONTEMPORARY dance. Boohoo.

Enough of whining and back to work but before that, CUPCAKES FRENZY! :D

Last night was my official first time making cupcakes which all thanks to Yvonne for the lesson and the omg icing which was utter fun-ness :)

♥ Short and sweet process ♥


ChiChi in you UPDATED:


enjoy :)

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