Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Very the Medical Terminology me don't understand.

Cute Dee's reply on my bad cough:

~yin girl~

If it is due to pollen the so called spring powder
maybe some antihistamines may help

Some antihistamines like loratadine or cetrizine are non drowsy


When i first read dee's reply on my bad cough I was literally.temporarily.illiterate yes me not kidding you with all the medical terminology I had to read the mail at least 3 times to get what is the noun and tenses. siaoness. If I were to be a medical student, medical terms have already taken the toll on me you won't even recognize me with the 'silver linings' (white hair) growing from my head wahlao in my brains still not enough wanna grow out of my head. =-="

and dear ~mee~'s weight concern for me:

By the way, forgot to mention that your face has puffed up--from your photos,so please don't eat so much sweet stuff anymore- ice-cream and the desserts. Have to cut down gradually Walao having whole tubs of ice-cream to yourself.Refrain from buying them so often,even if it's on offer. If not you are gonna have a hard time reducing your weight later!!

Do take care.


I think I really do have to cut down on the amount of desserts huh!!! :|

Very random post, and the coughing is killing me!
My cough woke myself up in the middle of the night no kidding it's not even funny.
Waking up feeling hopeless and depressed ain't no joke T____T

Still stuck with the Diagram-obsessed-Yale-plus-Princeton-scholar-my-dear-studio-lecturer-Ann-Marie that I am supposed to submit tomorrow somebody save me T_T
Yes my dear lecturer is a Yale graduate super glamorous wakalukong gossip girl!

However I must say, being in the 4th week of studio, I've already learnt 10 times the amount I've learnt from lousy transportation studio last semester but well, everything comes with a price, SEVENTEEN PDF FILES WITH AT LEAST 10 PAGES TO READ IT IS LIKE THEORIES OF ARCHITECTURE ALL OVER AGAIN ARE YOU KIDDING ME *faints* but oh well, no pain no gain.

Go LiYinism, transcend your FashionTECTURE power bijjaboooom!


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