Sunday, June 27, 2010

Independent Woman :)

Okay Imma write down the experience of getting my first ever bag. I still remembered promising myself to get a bag once I got my first pay. To be exact, a BURBERRY bag, since I cannot afford the ultimate CHANEL (yet), and then MiuMiu, Dior, PRADA, HERMES, oh well, a BURBERRY first because it's a more affordable one and I'm not a big fan of LV nor Gucci for them streaming along the streets. However I started working and things started to have the twist. After experiencing the hardship to earn a living, that's when the idea of owning a dream bag started to sway. Is that really necessary? Why not save the money for the future? blah blah blah. It's a good thing I guess, the superficial idea of owning a bag just for plain pleasure.

Days go by and everyday is about waking up and going to work, kisiao with my colleagues (who mostly have families with obligations and responsibilities), going back home to have dinner with Jia before lazing around at the couch, before hitting bed. Igot used to the simple lifestyle, no dreaming big FashionTECTURE whatsoever crap but just a simple day to day life. No wonder Jia and mee got concerned about my appearance, can you imagine me not caring about my everyday look, no more fashion frenzy?! That is just so not me ain't it?! *calms self down*

It is the weekend hiphiphorray, Jia and I went to ION to settle some stuff yesterday before stepping into the first shop, when the attractive price struck Jia and I (only me), and I was thinking heck about worrying about the future I'll find my way to meet my own needs for the future and I will have enough money until my next pay checque, and that's when the havoc frenzy started, trying on and off all the pretty little carriers until I finally settled with the young and limited edition one. Yes a LIMITED EDITION one for I don't want to be like the Neverfull river on the street.

It was rather over-whelming, saying yes finally and swooshing out the card for the big kaching and maybe I shall worry about the future tomorrow, I don't believe that spending that chunk of money will affect my financial stability in the future, because by then I'll have the same amount that I promised myself in saving, or maybe more? Yes it will, because I say so, and with a little help of luck plus the law of attraction :) *don't bother to understand*

Don't worry, I still have 4 digits in my account. shhhh* :)

Prepared for a day out.

Smile sunshine

First shop we entered for the day and exit with a paper bag.

The process:

No doubt it was over-whelming to know the big deduction in my account, but the feeling is rather thrilling, for being an independent woman :)

Fierce, fabulous & flawless.


I am very happy ~maramee and daradee~ are actually as excited as I am for owning a bag with my own pay. Mee says that should be the way, rather than buying many boh enyiah boh chiak bags, buy a good and nice one :)

Gonna start using the baby B tomorrow.

Have a great week ahead everybody.

Feel free to share your thoughts, if girls deserve good bags? ;)

P/S: I've managed to create a facebook 'Like' Button omgaga can't wait to see how it works (provided somebody actually clicks it) :\

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