Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walk walk Fashion Baby!

Finally it's Friday tomorrow!!!

Site visits for 2 consecutive days is killing.
Taking pictures and taking measurements ain't fun when we have to be very meticulous as every mistake counts! Literally, when money is involved :|

Was browsing through ~Mee and Dee~'s visit to Japan photos this year for Jia's graduation ceremony and now I know why I am such a fashionista *slaps til face sticks on floor*

Okay I'll let the picture do the talking while imma hit bed soon.
7.30am morning call and 11pm bed time, healthy lifestyle hands down.

My working days will just keep going on and on and when taking public transport travelling alone, that's when loneliness kicks in :(

'Another summer sunny day, has come and gone away, in Paris Orchard and Rome Clarke Quay, but I wanna go home'

Walk walk fashion baby!!

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