Friday, June 25, 2010

Girls who Don't put on Make Up are plain lazy, or are they Over-Estimating Their Beauty?

Oh well I guess both applies to me T________T

I had a "lecture" from Jia and Mee yesterday after Jia saw the worn out fatigue me when I met her up at Suntec City for lunch with my ungroomed hair and the so-called-"natural"-look-(face without make-up)

Time for a make-over. Maybe a fringe. again.
No thank you to short hair with my big wide face.

Hmmmm.. I remember I've got many things to say but I can't seem to churn out whatever.
I guess I'll leave it here for the time being and raining mad cats and dogs this morning was an utter havoc chaos whatever you wanna call it. But if there is any HERMES bag swimming like last time (I wonder how far it's true got so geng or not) imma jump into Orchard river. *serious*

Put on make-up is a must for work from now onwards, if I am able not 10 minutes before the time to leave :\

HAHA. omg. okay. maramee I will :)

Imma stop here now, 1st anniversary of MJ's.

Meanwhile, imma have an update on 2 evenings with dear pretty herng ♥

I love how she loves putting on make-up, although she is already flawlessly pretty with her porcelain skin ;)

Okay a lot of imma in this post blame the keep-on-replaying-immabe-by BEP-from-my-iPhone.

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