Saturday, June 12, 2010

Leaping into the 2nd Half of the Year 2010

There are so many things to blog about I don't know where to start! Why always like that if only my memory is good and I don't feel obligated to update this tiny space of mine for my future reference. Oh well, working life is treating me good, getting closer to my dear colleagues and besides being the baby of the company, I'm also the 3rd generation of the zodiac Dragon in the company! 22, 34, 46. omgaga how cool is that? :D

I used to think going for site visits are fun, but not when having to walk under the scorching hot sun and pain-stakingly taking measurements while jotting down notes and details. But yet again all hail the measuring laser, we don't have to climb high and low for ceiling heights, room width, etc. or I would have died of exhaustion by the end of the site visit! And also fortuitous events that will happen during site visit eg. bump into cute guys of other office (wtf LiYin seriously?) and bumping into friends! I was really surprised when (construction) site visit for A&A work lead me to my Melbourne friend Sin Hor! :D I was just trying out my luck when in the midst of lost in the city when the office stood right in front of me with her sitting near the entrance. What a coincidence must kacau her every now and then :)

Besides that, I'm getting to know my fellow peers and colleagues and so happens the fair-pretty-vampire-ish-Jean is quite a famous cosmetic blogger! *click* A steady income through advertlets every month me too want!!

Took a few pictures with her but fail kao kao coz I looked just like a mug coffee beside a glass of milk. Cannot cannot will take nicer pix and post up soon. Yay got shopping plus party kaki already hehe!

Iniquitous route from the station back with Cotton On, Charles & Keith screaming. *evil*
Bought these this week, and that's not even shopping but a mere "passing-by-and-have-a-look-20-minutes-shopping". I foresee everyday-walking-route which is detrimental to my bank account :\

Cannot! *slaps* Must focus! Save and invest! *determined nod* :)

Oh well it's not really that bad actually, all the above cost me only $20 HAHAHHAA.

Buy 1 FREE 1 KOSE.

Hair moist cologne + Body cologne @ $15 and I assume you've already noticed the $5 sticker on the rubi tag. Don't we just love GSS :)

Actually it's the ♥pink♥ that attracted my attention, and then KOSE, and then the price. and it's MADE IN JAPAN.

Now I don't have to shunt in crowds for being too self-conscious when I know I am odor-free plus smelling like a rose 24/7! Yes imma carry them wherever I go ♥

Tried the durian pancake of four seasons durians. Very nice outer pancake crust layer but the filling is not to my satisfaction. Don't mess with me when it comes to durians hallelujah mamamia!

Durian oh durian ♥

This sure looks familiar huh? Yes it's all the way from Australia! Target in Brisbane to be exact.
Advantages of having a generous pilot uncle who can bring us stuff world-wide-international-ly!

Gonna start shifting in a bit, can't wait to decorate the room plus start cooking! I miss cooking! I've already thought of the first dish, bicycle wheel soup, next will be tomato celery soup, and then mushroom soup, and then ABC soup, and then YES I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF SOUP(S) THEY ARE THE ULTIMATE YUMS PLEASE?!

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