Wednesday, August 17, 2011


In case you are wondering where I got my scores from (which I admit the accompaniment is so much better than my voice =-=) This is it!:

Yeap it's just lyrics and the Chord (written in red) at the side. All the rest of the notes are expressive rhythmic flow,

per se.. =-="

Well, at least I tried. More coming up! Next would be "For the First Time" ft. my brother Tatt! :D

And since we are in the pink mood, let me present to you the pinkest place ever,

❤ HelloKitty Kawaii Paradise ❤

Venus Fort, Odaiba, Japan.

Will be going off for the University of Liverpool Briefing. Yes I know, HOW TIME FLIES!!! In approximately a month's time, I'll be leaving to UK, and now I still haven't sink in the feeling of leaving Singapore yet ( T ^T) Somebody stop the tick tock going on right now!

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