Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post-Olympic-Beijing 2008!

Beijing Huan Ying Ni~!!

I know I've been switching blogs so many times that you my friend have lost count right?!?!
I'm sorry but yes I've received many complains about xanga being really really laggy and it takes ages just to load my page. Sometimes eventhough the lage has finish loading but the pix are still yet to be loaded gahhh frustrations I understand!! >_<" Anyway, the main reason previously I switched from blogspot to xanga is because there's a problem in my template and I couldn't retrieve it, and also because xanga allows larger pictures! (whish eventually lead to the laggyness =-=) Am still struggling in search for a pretty pinky layout for my LiYinism.blogspot.com :) I'm telling you LiYinism is the new term everybody should know by now coz it has been overdosely used among ourselves it's gonna be the new AnnaSui/ Vera Wang! MUAHAHA!! Okay cut the crap, still haven't decided xanga or blogspot yet though, therefore I've uploaded "a few" pix and check if which layout serves my cup of tea. Enjoy my babes~! :3

Rushing through the street during the first day in Beijing!

Picture taken with the frozen lake behind.

Long time haven't encounter with frozen stuff on the streets, especially in the 24/7 Malaysia so must take picture! :D

Jia leading the way and Marcussism & LiYinism!

The sisters!

"Backlit-Pictures" is the new ~LiYinism~!

Walking back from Performing Arts Centre (the egg) to the bus.

See the light and shadow effect!?
Thanks Jia for taking such a pretty random pic! :D

First jump shot taken in Beijing by
LiYinism & Marcussism.

More updates coming up soon.

Have been trying to attend and catch up with buddies for I've missed a number of gatherings while I was away in Beijing, plus xinyun's sudden decision to go over to Sydney adds up to the rush! Babes outing first thing 2mr, hope that my bad cough will recover later so that I'll be able to sing out loud at AMP Square! :D

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