Sunday, July 24, 2011


As you would have known (through my previous post), breakfast has been one of the priority for me ways to start the day. Well, not like I do have a list of to-do's for me to start my day eg. I don't shower but I do brush my teeth once I jump out of bed so fret not you can still talk to me when you see me first thing in the morning ;) Alright back to the breakfast topic, today since it's a Sunday, we wanted to have a proper breakfast to start the day. Nic-the-sweet-tooth-b had a craving for waffles and honey and after much contemplation and online searching weather to go back to trusty-breakfast-all-day-Wild Honey or McD/ KFC Breakfast which was already too late since it was almost noon time, we decided to trust the Singapore Online Food Review in going to "Cottage Waffle Place @ Suntec City Mall" after we typed in the key words "Singapore Waffle breakfast". It's located at Suntec City and everyone knows how far it takes to walk from Citihall Station to Suntec City! After 20 minutes walk, finally we reached the destination. Old dodgy rough brick finish with scribbles from customer, which gave us the impression that the waffles should be good since the whole wall is filled with colourful sticky notes from customers. We placed our order and the waffles are served in a tiny plate + knife and fork. We tried slicing the waffle to no avail because the waffle was too tough. Fine, we just bite it instead of slicing into bite size to eat it. We paused with disappointment. The coffee and tea was served which unfailingly disappointed us too. I'm not a coffee person but according to Nic, the coffee is sour (?!) scary. Thus, our lousy breakfast :(

Okay enough of the ranting on a Sunday and now I've decided NOT TO TRUST SINGAPORE ONLINE FOOD REVIEWS!! It has been more than once since we have been tricked and these incidents have triggered me to CREATE MY OWN FOOD REVIEW!.It has been more than a year since I am in Singapore and I reckon with my taste buds I won't go wrong with food! The price will range from good-old-hawker-center-delicacies to not-so-reasonably-priced-restaurant's-exquisites. Quite excited to share my food experience in Singapore. Do stay tuned! :P

P/s: The electric piano is finally alive again after 3 months! Just a simple replacement of the adaptor which only costs $59 and finally my fingers can tickle the keyboard again! :) Loads of practice needed to remove the rusts from my fingers.

Have a great day ahead friends! xo~

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