Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tatt's One Day Trip to Singapore :)

Tatt has been saying Singapore is super near to JB, even nearer than going to Penang Island from BM. I wasn't convinced until that day when I was on my way back to Singapore by bus from KL and my oh my, I was shocked that the bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore is only uhm, 5 minutes drive? 20% the length of Penang bridge maybe. So anyway, Tatt came over to Singapore today for a short-and-sweet-family-Saturday.

Off for Harry Potter 7.5 at 10am at Lido iMax Theatre at Shaw House. Thanks jee ee and Jee teow for the free movie tickets invite. Very sentimental final Harry Potter movie after 10 years. Looking back when 3 of them were still young, I cannot imagine how I looked 10 years back. I was only entering secondary school with my-nerd-mushroom-headback then?! Tatt came over to Orchard just in time for lunch.

wooops, shop shop shop.

girls shop guys carry the bag =-="

no wonder shopping is surveyed to be a kind a of sport, maybe a tad bit expensive one.

But it is therapeutic at the same time, so it's quite a good way of exercising, yes? :D

Trying on orange lipstick to suit my summery outfit of the day.

Milk + tea/coffee/yingyong.

Off for dinner before we call it a day.

popcorn free from movie in the morning.

Good ambience - location: beside Robinsons, opposite Somerset 313.

With less than 2 months left in Singapore, every little life-happenings become profoundly significant.

Appreciate everyone and everyday

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