Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is the World Falling Apart??


First Christchurch, now Japan. Looking at the videos of the black liquid engulfing the city, it's more convincing that 2012 is actually gonna happen. (???) A lot of question marks, how different will people lead their lives if they are warned that the end of the world is near? Will we continue doing what we are doing? Or will we put whatever we are doing now at halt and do something else that we actually like? What is the drive of life? What is the objective of living?

We are all fragile beings, any point of time our lives can be taken away. We should appreciate everything we have before it's too late, don't judge, forgive and forget, for life is too short for all those nonsense!

Pumbaa: It's like my buddy Timon always says: "you got to put your behind in your past." LOL!

And Yes back to a happy tone, Lion King is heart melting.
The acapella is love...Not to mention the Baboon Rafiki is super funny!!!!


Used my right hand. and woops! I wanna show my huge flower ring! 
*switch hand*

Singapore with 1st class facilities but lousy service!
So true!! Quite upset with the service at Coffee Beanstro, Sands. *boo*
Nevertheless, Lion King is love!!! :D
(Just that the stage is does-not-do-justicely-small) hmm.

Have a great week ahead peeps!
Pray for the best for Japan and the world.

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