Monday, March 28, 2011

♥ To Fable's Land ♥

Life is good. going through the ups and downs have brought me to being a stronger person today. Nobody says life is meant to be easy, but it's meant to be enjoyable. No matter if it's the happy times or hard times, we should always face life in a positive tone and cherish everything that has happened or is gonna happen, believe things actually happen for a reason and just make the best out of everything. Appreciation is the key :)

~March~ the month to ~March~ into abundance of joy, indeed!
Strings of good news. My previous hard work has finally paid off. I still remember when choosing to continue Bachelor in Melbourne, taking the risk of having the degree in Melbourne before applying Masters in UK. Mostly said it's not possible/quite hard/different systems/ might need to retake if transfer from Aus to UK coz of the different systems etc but woollah! Nothing is impossible, if there's a will, there's a way, never give up and keep the faith within ♥ Lucky me,or rather, lucky ~mee and dee~, the AUD currency was low during the year when I was there (1AUD= RM 2.3 instead of 1AUD = RM3 now! @@) And considering Pounds is quite reasonable now, please stay low when I'm there! September seems so far yet so near, I came to realize that I will have only 4 months+ left in Singapore. Mixed feeling which is combined by the different aspects and all I can do is be positive! Everything will be just fine. Before that, will be a glimpse of Europe this coming Spring. Or izit Spring already?? :D Off to Barcelona in 3 weeks time. Gonna have a ZARA/ Mango/ Pull & Bear Frenzy there? And who can confirm that the VAT tax claim is actually 18%??? Crazy lot of percentage that is!

Anyway finally, here goes To Zanarakand - FFX.
And for someone, I shall name it to Fable's Land.♥

;) ♥


  1. Appreciation is the key! Strongly agreed with you. ;)

  2. nah... the VAT is more like 12 - 13% ???? technically it's 18 but the extra 5 get swallowed up somewhere in the process of getting your refund... it varies as well between the option of getting a cash refund vs a credit refund.