Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Breakfast Everyday

Was sorting out photos from hard disc to transfer to my yummy-juicy-apple and I realized I have been traveling a lot for the past 2 years! Must have been bitten by the travel bug. Haven't been posting a proper travel post since last year Shanghai and Hong Kong trip. Barcelona, Bandung and Japan trip tailing behind.

I came to realize that it will be my final 2 months in Singapore. It's true when they say humans don't appreciate something until it's gone. Well at least it's not gone yet for me. My past weekends have been packed with activities and even my weekdays after work is no longer taken lightly. It is sad to accept the fact that I'll be leaving this place where I have grown academically and emotionally. Life goes on. Just keep everything in a positive note!

Max Brennars @ Vivo is officially banned by me! DESPICABLE SERVICE!!!
Singapore - 1st class facilities, 3rd class service! INDEED *pffffft*

Well, at least we had fun taking photos! :P

Breakfast again tomorrow morning.
Have a good one everybody. Appreciate everyday.♡

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