Monday, June 13, 2011

Choose, Swipe, Grab! ♥

Last weekend was hectic. woke up earlier than weekday-working-days.

Saturday for site visit on our completed office job before (BB's x2)Q at Labrador Park and impromptu outing to the zoo with the sisters on Sunday morning before going off to PC show to just check out the price and who knows I actually ended up walking back with my long-awaited-yummy-apple!!!!!!

It is still over-whelming to accept the fact that I'm currently using this chic yummy silver apple.

Fortunately the past year working has familiarized me with the Mac system, and now for me to use this apple is like a piece of apple cake.

Alright, there will be lots of updates from now onwards since I no longer have to share the personal computer with the sister anymore :P and personal computer is named that way for a reason ;)

Will start to download whatever programmes and softwares required soon before I dive back into the architorture world. Surprisingly I actually prefer working life better than studying life, but what needs to be done has to be done, it may be a long and winding road but I believe everything will be gratifying in the end, but hey, I am actually enjoying every moment now, nothing to rush, one step at a time

Enquire, bargain, swipe, grab!

Pardon me with the outfit, went to the PC show right after zoo outing.

Packed ful-filling day/weekend indeed!


I miss the feeling of random blogging.

Definitely more updates coming up!!

For example:

no 1. The story of the 3 satay sticks.

no 2. The story of the poor cute fan and the poser.

Or no 3. the story of the (not so for me but his) favourite drink.


Okay!!! Time to sleep!
Spread the joy!!!!

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