Thursday, June 16, 2011

And so I've decided to update more!

It scares me how time flies and suddenly we realize that chances come and go, it's the matter of how you appreciate everytime when we are together. Tatt boy is currently back in the beloved ~home sweet home~ for winter break or some-other-long-awesome-breaks-that-normal-students-have, which made me realize chances are getting really scarce for us to be reunited as one big family, and how working life has actually devoured my precious youth! Gosh! I have actually been working for a year now! And how old I am already? What have I achieved? What is the purpose of working? To earn a living? or for the passion within? I am sure as time goes by, every individual will be lost in transition, what used to be passion becomes mundane and monotonous. Gahh... Nevertheless, I feel very grateful to be part of my company, 2 company trips - August 2010 to Shanghai and April 2011 to Barcelona. For being able to enjoy these benefits in a short 12 months is considered a very fortunate thing. And in a blink it's now June of year 2011. Both Tatt and Yang have left the nest and spread their wings. As I said, scarce chance for us to be reunited as one big family as we grow old, and with me going off hopping to a place halfway around the globe in a few months time, all I can say is - appreciate our loved ones around us everyday.

In a less emo tone, the 3 of us decided to have a little dance-all-night-til-the-break-of-dawn-night-out to break the working cycle.

Lady's Night at St.James Power House comes with 5 free drinks.
Pure awesomeness.

Crazy night full of drama with drama princesses.


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