Monday, November 14, 2011

9-5pm Studio Life

Have I mentioned that we have only 1 hour lecture for the whole week? Yes you heard me right. So you must be thinking why on earth are we Masters students so busy?! Well the answer is simple, we are expected to be in the studio from 9am-5pm everyday. This course is mainly structured with group works for most of the assignments which is why we are encouraged to work in studio everyday for easy communication amongst the group mates. Well, not complaining :)

Random shots in studio taken today:

Spot my energy supplies on the right.
LOVING the rich tea biscuits. 
Only 22p for a pack yes seriously and they are scrumptious enough to cure both my sweet and savory cravings. Finished a pack a day on Saturday. *cough.... NO! I'm so not going back to gaining-8 kgs-in-Melbourne days!


Talking about what to dress up as for the Noah's Arch(ictecture) event this coming Thursday.
Spot the fairy/ mosquito.

Very randomly, this is one of my favorite meals for brunch.

Firstly because it is of course, yummy, secondly it is because it's easy to prepare (boil the carrot and potato while grilling the bacon) and thirdly, it is indeed economical! (£1.50 for 1kg of bacon - bliss!)

Aights, back to work!

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