Wednesday, March 4, 2009

University Life has finally started..wait, finally!?! =___="


Assignments piling up already eventhough it's just the 3rd day of Uni.

Currently doing research on Architecture Thoery in the library.

Lots of reading to be done!!!!!! =_____="

Lecturers so far are quite interesting, hopefully my Studio lecturer will be helpful to me in terms of design development and executing my design intentions.


Finally not the mundane visitor's centre that we've been doing back in Taylor's.
Definitely something more challenging and more hectic!

Gotta challenge myself more since my dear parents have paid a big lump sum of money for me to study here,
thanks so much mee and dee love love!

Anyway gtg and continue on my research.

Update coming up soon since I've got wireless access already in my laptop.
Bunch of pictures to be uploaded woohoohooo!!

Okay not as bad since I'm kinda enjoying the life here so far :)

P/S: Weather over here is crazy!!
yesterday was Malaysia's weather and today's temperature is 17 degrees!!

What's going on?! =____="

Had a hot day during my birthday too.
Well, hot day for the hot birthday girl :)

hahahhaha and AMAZING RACE during my birthday WAS SIAO!
Jessmine, WeiShyan and Hwalik's group got first and they are MORE SIAO!!

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