Thursday, March 26, 2009

Music dream?!

First is Architecture dream,
then Fashion dream,
then Air-Stewardess dream,
now what...................................... MUSIC DREAM?!?!?!!


I don't wanna be Jack of all trades master of none please Lim Li Yin can you focus already?! >_<" Anyway Marc was telling me about his friend studying double degree in our university taking both law and music.......MUSIC!!! *gasp* The minute he mentioned the word MUSIC i got super duper hyper I've always want to know how exactly a music faculty looks like in an University moreover it's the prestigious University of Melbourne! O______O" Was supposed to get our studio model done but what the heck we ended up searching high and low for the music faculty in our uni and finally managed to bump into it 6pm yesterday woohoohooo! :)

Random shots taken along the way to the music faculty:
Buildings that are yet to be discovered in the uni kinda creepy huh?@@"
.p/s: all taken using my 2-mega pixel iPhone which augmented the mysterious feel :)


We entered the small bungalow and started going from room to room until I was lucky enough to bump into a room with 2 grand pianos inside VAVAVUUUUU~~~~~

The Architecture students in the music faculty:
Marc and WeiShyan, the partners of crime :)

And of course all-hail-vanity shots pardon me I was too excited to stop myself from taking pictures with the piano non stop heheheheheh!

Played a few of my favourite songs good thing I still remember some of them.
Fantasie Improptu getting really rusty time for some 'amelioration', which means:
the music faculty will be my 'sacred' corner every now and then :)


p/s: Music scores available in Baillieu Library *click* O-M-G.


  1. You definitely have the talent!

    Really have like "The Secret" feel...nice nice...

    Take your time and one day you will discover what you truly wanna the mean can still do what you like!

  2. hehehe thanksssss :)

    I need time to discover what I truly wanna do. true indeed >_<"

    anyway as you said, let's just enjoy doing what we are doing at the mean time!! woohooo~ :)