Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy Schedule. HighWay Site Visit. PINK iPHONE :)

Have been busy busy busy even mee says I seldom go online these few days T____T

Crazy assignments every week especially research and more research for theories of architecture which stresses me out everytime when I start reading the 2-inches-thick-pages-full-of-words-book by Christopher Alexander zzzzzzzzz......

submitted both theories and practice feedback and talking about ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE PFFFFFFTTTTTT* you have no idea how much I'm beginning to be afraid of the real architecture world I am about to face in the future. Peter Raisbeck keeps scaring us by talking about facts and laws and regulations and more facts about architecture life which are undeniably true :(

Anyway, back to the site visit 3 weeks back for the upcoming studio presentation this Friday.

When it comes to time when we are supposed to do assignments, students tend to make way for other unrelevent activities such as camwhore-ing, or izit only me? =-= Studio 2nd site visit: HIGHWAY. somewhere in Melbourne. Freakin 5 of us woke up at 6am for this freakin site visit are you kidding me?!?!

Bahha interesting with roads and cars zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..

A bunch of energetic young student architects who lightened up the dull highway :D

Got bored:

Loving the morning sun! :)

. . . . Got bored again:

Pink cupcakes by Xindi!! :)
Super cute am gonna learn some kungfu from her soon~

~ooohh so pinky me lovy~

And I got bored about the prevalent and started carving on my iPhone case:

Spotted "LiYinism" and “盈” between the curves? :)


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  1. you need a better carving tools or blade! it look real nice except the curve are not curve enough. xD

    the colour? Lovely!